Introducing Stylemart An Award-Winning Singapore-Bred Heritage Brand Cover

Introducing Stylemart: An Award-Winning Singapore-Bred Heritage Brand

Welcome to Stylemart, where bespoke designer services meet the rich tapestry of Singapore’s multicultural fashion scene. Carrying forward a family legacy in the hands of renowned designer Kavita Thulasida, Stylemart offers unique creations from made-to-measure marvels to exquisite bridal wear and grooms’ attire, all of which are crafted with an Asian twist. Join us on a journey through the craftsmanship, accolades, and global showcases that have propelled Stylemart to the forefront of the fashion industry.

Unveiling Stylemart’s Bespoke Services

At Stylemart, we pride ourselves on offering fashion enthusiasts a personalised touch. Our services cater to individuals seeking garments that seamlessly blend modern couture, contemporary silhouettes, and traditional hand embroidery techniques. We believe in the artistry of tailoring, ensuring that each creation reflects the client’s unique style and personality.

Putting Singapore on the Global Fashion Map

Stylemart has played a pivotal role in placing Singapore’s fashion scene on the global stage. Kavita Thulasidas, the driving force behind Stylemart and a torchbearer of a family legacy, recently showcased her exceptional designs at the prestigious Paris Fashion Week in October 2023. This milestone not only garnered international attention but also earned Stylemart the recognition it deserves

Watch: CNA’s Coverage on Stylemart in Paris

Singaporean designer Kavita Thulasidas, owner of local Indian fashion label Stylemart, unveiled her collection “Heritage Reinterpreted” on an international stage at Paris Fashion Week on Monday (Oct 2). On display were 10 looks featuring hand-embroidered vivid and intricate motifs inspired by nature and a reflection of Indian, Chinese and Malaysian heritage. CNA’s Ross Cullen reports.

Celebrating Achievements

Kebaya Reimagined 2023

In the dynamic world of fashion, accolades are a testament to exceptional talent. Stylemart’s recent triumph at the Kebaya Reimagined event in October 2023, where we secured an award for our groundbreaking showcase, showcases our commitment to innovation. 

Singapore Stories 2022

Additionally, we are honoured to have received the Singapore Fashion Award from the Singapore Fashion Council for our collaboration with the Asian Civilizations Museum, presenting ‘Singapore Stories’ to a global audience.

Heritage Reinterpreted: A Signature Collection

Stylemart has wowed fashion enthusiasts with its signature collection, ‘Heritage Reinterpreted.’ This collection is a reflection of Kavita Thulasidas’s vision to showcase the diverse crafts from around the region, blending tradition with contemporary aesthetics. Through multiple editions, this collection has garnered acclaim both locally and globally.

Where to Find Couture-Like Fashion in Singapore

For those in search of couture-like fashion in Singapore, Stylemart is the go-to destination. Our focus on quality, tailoring, and craftsmanship sets us apart in the local fashion landscape. Whether you require bespoke bridal wear, grooms’ attire, or Asian fusion wear that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, Stylemart is here to elevate your wardrobe.


Stylemart stands as a beacon of creativity in the realm of Singaporean fashion. With a commitment to blending tradition with modernity and continuing a family legacy, we continue to captivate audiences globally. As we celebrate our recent successes at the Paris Fashion Week, Kebaya Reimagined, and the Singapore Fashion Council, Stylemart remains dedicated to pushing boundaries and redefining the narrative of Asian-inspired fashion on the world stage.


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